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The best way for the world to understand the severity of a Latex allergy is for everyone to hear what those suffering from the allergy go through. Read the stories below written by people who suffer from allergic reactions to Latex and comments by those who advocate change.


Currently, 182 people have submitted stories or comments.


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Cindy Adymy: Bartlett, TN


In the early -mid 1980's I was working in the OR. I moved to another city, and the hospital I worked in used a different brand of sterile gloves. After being scrubbed in all day, my hands were on fire -red with bumps all over. I began wearing final gloves underneath the latex gloves. To make a long story short, while in grad school I did alot of research on latex allergies, and did my masters project on latex allergies in the OR. In the 1980's with universal precautions, glove manufactures decreased the time they kept the rubber in the vat - curing the latex. The longer it "cooked" the more latex proteins were removed; shorter -more latex proteins in the product. The brand my hospital used had alot of proteins, which prompted my dermatitis. In the late 1990's, I developed asthma and tested positive to Latex. I have been very lucky in that all my physicans and DDS have vinyl gloves and are very accomodating. I have worked/ taught in Pediatric hospitals that are latex free, and the adult hospitals have latex free gloves readily available and latex free carts. I did have a biopsy in 1997, and was the 1st case b/c of latex allergy. The scrub tech had on latex gloves and when I reminded my nurse -no latex, the tech did stomp and walk out of the room (I reported the incident). Honestly, I did not pay attention to food prep, and maybe my stomach ailments after dining out are related to the latex. I do react to balloons and bananas. I was very concerned at the airport with TSA and spoke with them regarding their gloves, which are latex free. Latex is an issue and restraunts using latex gloves should be required by law to disclose this fact. And no one should be discriminated against for their latex allergy.


Lisa Reber: Mohnton, PA


I have been working in the health care field since 1986. I am 42 years old. I have had latex allergies since working and they have provided me with latex free gloves. I am currently working at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center for over 10 1/2 years. They know I have a latex allergy. I carry an epi-pen with me and allergia at all times. I had a severe reaction in my husbands Aunt's pool 4 yrs ago. I had large half dollar sized hives covering my entire body. I wear latex free underware and bathing suit. My sensitivity has become worse. I was able to wear pants with elastic but the redness and swelling has become worse so now I have to wear all latex free clothes. My chest feels heavy in work so I am going to speak to Dr. about allergy med for breathing.


Rebecca Radke: Spring, TX


I developed my latex allergy through over exposure while being treated for another medical condition. Every reaction I have is worse than the one before. My most recent attack STARTED 3 days ago and I still get dizzy and have trouble breathing. It was brought on my going into my dorm room after my roommate blew up balloons in the room. The balloons were not IN the room when I had my reaction. I can't even touch the conveyor belt at the checkout counter or set my things on it without wondering if the latex particles will transfer and cause a reaction. I'm in college and should be able to focus on my studies, not have to spend time trying to get my University to accommodate my allergy.


Audrey Kirby: climax, MI


I was a day late and a dollar short as i was repeatedly exposed to latex in the dental office before most offices around here have banned it (thank God not only for me....but for all workers and patients). I feel nauseated being in the dollar store if kids start playing with those spikey stretchy balls, and around balloons. i feel like a scrooge being a mom and being allergic to balloons....but my kids are so understanding. It still makes me sad. i am thankful for mylar balloons. i know my allergy is serious, as it can appear mild, and grow to serious and anaphylactic shock in one exposure. i know this from being a health care professional and reading my journals....i read an excellent article on peanut allergies. i'm glad i found this site because i put "two and two" together today. last night after i ate out i was commenting on how weird it was how sick, nauseated, and crampy i felt. it was strange because i chose such healthy food. well, i read the stories on here, and called the restaurant. sure enough, they use latex. i had NO IDEA the danger i was in... I am a health conscious mom of two girls...that i not only want to be around for years from now, but i want to be healthy and i make a lot of choices to make sure that happens. Then to find out people are endangering me, a mother of two young girls, and many other valuable lives just because it's a cheaper alternative? what? this has got to be a joke. I thought i was lucky that it's not a peanut allergy, but i was ignorant at HOW much this problem crosses over into both allergies. this is about convienience in packaging, producing, and being cheap. it reminds me of the transfat dilema that we just went through in this country that millions of people still suffer from...and that we are all paying for financially. HORRIBLE. thank you for this petition. This will save lives if it works.


eileen trenullo: lincoln, ca


I was diagnosed at age 12 after wearing keds sneakers all day to school.Rashes itching and blisters sent me to local doctor and then to a specialist to diagnose latex/rubber allergy.Shoes ,sunscreens,ascorbic acid ,skin products containing fruit additives,elastics,fruits that are acidic,are all problems.Dental and medical appointments are scary,they don"t read my chart.Many items could be labeled,like shoes? Until then I was thinking maybe a tattoo on my forhead??? Thank you for this site,it helps.


Beth Burk: battle ground, wa


I discoverd my allergy to latex when I was 12 in my dentist's office, at that point all that happend was my mouth swelled. I have continued developing more sever symptoms including anaphylaxis. Also, I've developed allergies to multiple foods that are related to latex. This allergy is an exposer allergy so it gets worse as you are exposed to more latex. I work in a supposedly non latex hospital, that has latex surgical gloves, and many other latex products. I can't tell you how many people look at me like I'm just making a big deal out of nothing over this life-threatening allergy. I'm glad there are people trying to do something about this.


Janice Farace: Orange, Ct

My 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a severe latex allergy in June of 2009. She has all the symptoms when exposed to even the smallest amounts; hives, itchy, watery eyes, cough, wheezing, diarrhea, vomiting. I carry an Epipen Jr., she has a Proventil Inhaler for the wheezing, she is on Hydroxyzine twice a day, Asmanex Inhaler at night, and Allavert before bed. She reacts to; Eraser dust, the computer mouse pad, rubber balls, pool toys, and just about anything you can think of. My frustration as a mother is trying to get her public school to understand the severity of her allergy and do something about her enviroment. If the ADA does not list latex allergy as a disability, it's very difficult to get any cooperation. Please Help and sign the petition. My daughter's life depends on this.




I have been dealing with this allergy for 16 years. I don't understand how people today have never heard of this very serious allergy. I recently went to Delray Beach, Fl. for vacation. I could not find a restaurant to eat in. All the restaurants on or near the beach use latex powderd gloves. My sister found your web site and the worldwide non-contaminated restaurant list helped. Thank you!


Scott Naugle: Laurel, MD

I'm not sure if anyone on here realizes it or not, but there are other rubber gloves available that are not made of latex. http://www.smtl.co.uk/MDRC/Gloves/jowcpaper96/node29.html. I'm surprised that both those that are allergic to latex are not aware of this and that those in the medical and restaurant profession wouldn't have alternative gloves on hand for those who are allergic to latex.


alan geisenheimer: totowa, new jeresey

I am not, but my wife is allergic to latex. we have been successful in having some restaurants change and some said no. Most recent is the newly renovated Fountainebleu Hotel in Miami Beach, FL that is full of latex. They did offer to cook without the gloves for our specific meals but our convention buffett meals were all made with latex gloves and we could not partake.


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