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The best way for the world to understand the severity of a Latex allergy is for everyone to hear what those suffering from the allergy go through. Read the stories below written by people who suffer from allergic reactions to Latex and comments by those who advocate change.


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Joy Moreau: Lubbock, TX


I have been a nurse since 1986 and did not realize the the redness on my hand was latex allergy. I just thought it was the soap or powder. The allergy started with mild reddness, then itiching of eyes then full anaphylaxis. It took several years to hit full anaphylixis, a week in ICU and a near death expirence was alarming for me and my family. I am now severely allergic to latex paint. Sounds simple but rarely do bussiness place notes that painting is occuring. I never can do to Lowes or home depot except on line. I now fear ballons, paint and gloves. My hospital is latex free and I wish i could make all hospitals latex free. I fear there will be many more like me.


Stacy Karr: Cleveland, OH


While I hae been allergic to banana and avocado for over 20 years, I only became allergic to latex about three years ago. This was a direct result of a flood at my family business. The contamination and the cleanup left me sick for about 6 months. Since the cleanup involved sealing the drywall in the basement with a latex compound I have been unable to return to the business (which I started with my mom!) and have since found other employment. My latex allergy went from bad to life-threatening after eating a salad that had been prepared with powdered latex gloves. I now react to any trace of latex in food and proximity to natural rubber. Shoe shopping is a nightmare and kids with balloons scare me!


Mickele Hullaby: kansas city, missouri


I have had a latex allergy for the past 5 years. I have very few skin allergy symptoms but I have a lot of food allergy symptoms i cant eat anything containing soy, coconut, bannanas, avacado, nuts, the list contains over 50 food items so going out to eat is very difficult just choosing something to eat then after eating still reacting because of the gloves they wore really sucks and most places wont accomidate by changing gloves.


kimberly orr: beaverton, oregon


Im 30 years old & mother of 2 girls. I have had hypersensitivity since the age of ten {I was diagnosed @ 13} I didnt even know what it was @ that time neither did my parents until they randomly decided to test me @ shriners for a latex allergy. Mind you for 3 years prior I had braces & the dr used latex gloves & rubber bands in mouth. I spent most of my junior high years looking like I had a road rash on my face.And things just got worse as the years went on. In high school I got threatened numerous times B-cuz they took the balloons out & it was my fault.when I turned 18 I got a job & got fired b-cuz the new manager wouldnt take down the balloons she put up on every rack not just the sales racks like she was supposed to. Now I figure I cant eat anything b-cuz some idiot used latex gloves while packaging my food not to mention the food allergies I now have.Sorry If I seem a lil' jaded cuz I am I have had an uphill battle since birth with my disability and then this gets added to it. I would love to see the idiots on that damn hill get there heads outta there rears cuz lord knows none of them could deal with this if they had it with any hopes of keeping there sanity. I am usually a very positive person but when it comes to this topic I havent found any positives.I have always loved & used the saying "Adapt or die" with an allergy like this there is no adapting and you can die.


jan ronk: toms river, new jersey


anyone who could use this product without thoughts to others is not a humanbeing it should be banned in all states transportation restaurants cruises ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! it is the new aids people!!! ban it entirely


charles ronk jr.: toms river, new jersey

family is allergic needless product deadly shriner protect others


A Ewing: Nashville, TN


Prior to 2006, I had no allergies and enjoyed decorating my house by changing wallpaper, floor, etc and helping dad/husband with various projects. Yet In 2006 at former software firm which I had worked, was exposed to approx 1 month of paint fumes and carpet glue while our office remodeled a Skyrise building with no way to opening windows and no ventilation. One day, I could not breath and my throat swelled shut. Since that time period, I had experienced ongiong hives, lip swelling and once again another throat swelling incident on a new job due to fire dept using exterminator. In 2007 to April 9, 2008 - During my workers comp doctor visits with PCP, ENT, they gave me prednisone shots and pills along with histamine blockers. No diagnose given. They were puzzled. Recently 2 years later, as of April 10. 2008, I've been diagnosed by an allergist and finally my PCP as having angiodema allergic reactions to Latex. It's now too late to even pursue a lawsuit against the previous employer. Due to only have 30 days to file a workers comp lawsuit. Now I walk around suffering from something caused by a previous employer and possibly in near future will need disability. How unfair can the world be??


Lisa Santucci: Chicagi, IL


When I worked at a doctor's office as a receptionist, the doctor's wife who was a nurse and assisted in surgeries said that she wanted to train me to assist in surgeries as well. I told her I was allergic to latex, and she said, "Oh, never mind then because we're not switching to non-latex. You'll just work the desk at all times." At another job I had as an aide in a day care center, when the owner found out I was allergic to latex he did not look happy, because I was hired to work in the infant room where latex gloves were usued when changing diapers. He told me I should be "disqualified" as an employee, but then placed me in a preschool classroom where the gloves only used for first aid. He said he would purchase a box of latex free gloves so that I would be able to assist in first aid if a child got severely hurt, but I never saw that box until four months later. Employers really should be more sensitive to their employees who have latex allergy and make the effort to obtain latex free gloves. It is not fair to make someone feel that they are not qualified for a position because of something that they cannot control, such as latex allergy.


Jessica Espejo: Waiohinu, Hawaii


I have a severe and life threating latex allergy. I got this allergy from working in the Hospital and they also terminated me. I can't find work and my Doctor dosen't want me to work. After this allergy I was also, allergic too, potato, carrots, banana, avocado, tomato and Kiwi. This is a hard life to live. I have too change everything in my life and it's not fair at all.


cindy mansfield: naperville, il


i'm latex seneitive, so are both of my daughters. my oldest got braces and we told her doc she was allergic to latex. he didn't take it seriously. my daughter started getting dizzy,nausea, and blacking out several times a day. after seeing 7 specialists we saw a chinese medicine who said it was the latex bands on her braces. after researching and learning the doc lied about latex in the bands, we had them removed. she felt great! since that time anytime she eats a latex related food or goes anywhere there has been latex, she passes out. she missed most of her freshman year of school because of passing out at school regularly. they have worked with us and she now only goes in certain rooms of the school. carnival cruise didn't tell the truth about the ship and had to turn around and bring us back after my daughter reacted within 11/2 hours of boarding the ship. she can't go to hotels, restaurants, shopping, bowling, skating,or any place their might have been latex. hopefully, things will improve with this becomming more common. thanks for starting this site.


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