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The best way for the world to understand the severity of a Latex allergy is for everyone to hear what those suffering from the allergy go through. Read the stories below written by people who suffer from allergic reactions to Latex and comments by those who advocate change.


Currently, 181 people have submitted stories or comments.


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Christine Bryant: Medina, OH


I discovered I was allergic to latex gloves after I had dental work done. It was 15 years ago and no one believed me. Since then I slowly realized that anything I touch or smell that is rubber will result in ezcema or breathing problems. Can't wear any shoes with rubber. Any place that has tires will cause a reaction. The worst part had been arguing with the medical staff that I was indeed allergic to rubber and latex.


Joseph Martinez: Santa Fe, NM


The scarriest part of being allergic to latex initially was not knowing what was causing the little, painfully itching blisters on my hands caused by wearing latex gloves. Not knowing the latex was the cause of my reaction, my dermatologist prescribed me with powerful cortiscosteroids which can have horrendous side effects. After a minor scrape on my shins, I placed a bandaid on the wound. Well, the wound healed but a rash developed in the area where the adhesive was on the skin. Finally, after doing research on the internet, I figured out I was alergic to latex. Latex is found in over 40,000 everyday household items most of which are made in China. Other names for latex are SPANDEX: (not Lycra Spandex) which can be found in some gardening and carpenters gloves as well as clothing. ELASTIC: the kind you find in socks and underwear. RUBBER: moldings in autos, sneakers, kitchen utensils, non-slip bathroom rugs, remote control buttons, cameras and other electronics. ADHESIVES: in bandaids, duct and gaffers tape, carpets, shoes and sneakers. As you can see there are many items containing latex. If it was federally mandated to place a LATEX FREE stamp on labels of products, it would save thousands of people a lot of misery and to some potential death due to this seemingly harmless yet lethal house hold item.


Karim Melvin: Hamlin, NY


I was working as a nurse in a local hosptal I started having severe astham symptoms, stomach swelling, thoart swelling as well as chest pain. I was admitted several times and would get worse . I was told I had the ablity to cause these symptoms in myself. I finally had a severe reaction at work was rushed to the ER and that DR did some research in 1996 on the internet. He wrote on my sheet I had a latex allergy and should not return to wok in the hospital. Since that time I had tried several jobs outside of nursing only to get worse. My Drs told me I am totally disabled. I only wish they would understand that the joint pain and other things are caused by this allergy . They seem to turn there heads when I mention the pain.I was given SSD benefits right away no appeals . Workers Comp was a night mare they forced me to settle by playing mental games. I sued a glove manufactuer when trial time came my eveidance was thrown out it was declared to prejudical against them.I was forced to settle. Never mind they could use the fact that I skipped lunch in 10th grade and had in school suspension. Pretty desperate if that is all they could find wrong in my life. I still have severe reactions I am scared to go to the ER as they treat me rather nasty about not using latex . I had to have a hysterectomy at age 35 due to endometriosis the DR biopsied and found mast cells he feels this allergy is the culprit. How does one entirely avoid latex? I had several complications in the hospital was given epi many tmes in that admisson and constant nebs. I am lucky though I have 3 beautiful kids that are such gifts and I am alive to see them everyday . I also have a husband that works 2 jobs so we can keep this house and have few extras. The bad thing is when one of my kids gets an injury I have had to leave the hospital they do not understand it is not safe and refuse to change.


Shelby Galloway: Memphis, TN.


aTill someone listens, I'm still fighting for my disability rights. This battle started in 1999, but it is still raging. The diagnosis has been confirmed and still they refuse to believe that I'm disable. They don't know how to treat me, nor have they come up with a solution. Soon, I will face an adminstrative law judge, but I can't seem to find an attorney, nor doctor who will stand for me.


bobbie jones: forest city, north carolina




Malory Murphy: waterloo, iowa


I have never had any allergies, but when I started at Red Lobster (which all they have is latex gloves) I started to break out in hives, and itch like crazy. It got so bad you could see the top layer of skin on my hands was gone. After 4 months of this I went to a dr who said it was a latex allergy and gave me a note to give to red Lobster about the gloves. Well I was told I would have to buy and bring them with me and take them home. Well lets just say I quit and will never eat at ANY Red Lobster. They have latex gloves, both their are either powder or non-powder. So if you plan on eating at one, bring your own since they don't think they need to have latex free for their employees or for the customers.


james klemp: Olympia, WA


7 yrs in prominent hosptial all of them using ansell #128 w/powder. Have had hives, itching, sinus drains, sores that have not gone away, severe upper resp distress, uncontrolled coughing fits, wheezing. Hospital denies any responsibility, will lose job, no L&I. Can't win fight against 2 billion dollar system in workers comp state unsympathetic to workers injuries.


Donald Cooper: Sebring, FL


I had latex balloons in my car for 15 min. By the time I reached my destination I was getting short of breath. about 6 months later I was at the hospital where Iwork when the were having a grand opening and had Latex baloons everywhere. I had to walk out within 30 seconds and inject epinephrine because I was getting very short of breath. And now When I am in working around Docs that use latex. I get short of breath and it gets even worse when I get a strong breath. This is why I keep an Epi pen with me at all times.


Marc Borge: Meadow Vista, ca

I am a former Professional Chef, I have been in and around the restaurant business all of my life, and I did use Latex! My girlfriend who is a nurse, developed the severe allergy while working in operating rooms. She now works as an advice nurse. Due to my business, we dine out very often, and most restaurants on first response think the right answer is yes they use gloves. most chefs are not aware that there are different types of gloves. I always insist on seeing the box, and when the manager says we use latex so that I stop bothering them I ask for the chef, if it is a conscience kitchen then they can make modifications to her food. I am in the Northern California, and even cities like San Francisco it is difficult. I have heard that Hawaii is also latex free in restaurants.


Carrol Graves: Chiefland, FL


I have been a critical care RN since 1981. In the mid 1990's I developed an allergy to latex. At one point, I would have to submit a note from a physician in order to have non latex gloves made available to me (the are more expensive than latex or at least were at the time). Recently, I went to the cafeteria where I work. One time I asked if the food server would change into non latex gloves so they could make a sub for me. They refused so I left. Another time, the food server did not have latex gloves on so I ordered a hamburger. She passed my food to another food server, who had on latex gloves and they proceeded to add the tomatoes, pickles and onions to my hamburger. I promptly removed them and thought I would be OK. Within 15 minutes of eating the hamburger, my eyes and face were itching. At that time I went to the employee health clinic and had to be treated. Those that do not understand the consequences and impact of latex allergies need to be educated. They need to understand that we are not trying to be difficult, but that it can be a matter of life or death for some.


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