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The best way for the world to understand the severity of a Latex allergy is for everyone to hear what those suffering from the allergy go through. Read the stories below written by people who suffer from allergic reactions to Latex and comments by those who advocate change.


Currently, 180 people have submitted stories or comments.


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Annna McKee: Massillon, Ohio


Fighting a latex allergy at my new job and this doc doesn't seem to care. And because I don't get the rash as bad no one seems to think the allergy is real. But the swelling tongue and the sand paper like feelong i get on it and my gums it is real and it is difficult to fuction.


karen visser: tuscumbia, mo.


I found out I had a allergies after i had my daughter when Iwent back to work i could not were the gloves no more. Well the next time I had a problem was when I was having my oldest sons b-day i started to blow up a balloon my lips swoll so big I took bendryl it helped.its getting worse i cant even be in the same room with them and other people dont understand like tonight i couldnt even watch my step granddaughter open her b-day presents because there was balloons and noone cares about other people


Anne Marie Jacintho: Kula, Hawaii


my daugher has the latex allergy since 2 years old first reaction after dental appt a few red spots,second dental visit more hives,third office visit developed hives everywhere the dentist touched a hive hand print we informed all her school provided latex allergy information from the american latex allergy association site, and latex free gloves, latex free rubber bands, principal thought we were over protective parents until she had a reaction from a pencil gripper and developed hives. As she has gotten older the reactions are more severe requiring the carrying of a epi pen. recent latex dealing with her orthodontist,he had been treating her since she was 8yrs old he said her allergy not a problem. Each visit had to remind staff, she had three allergy episodes one the staff using latex gloves second reaction from the residue on the orthodontist after he treated her,she could smell it on him as he was working on her mouth. had her allergist write a letter to him explaining the seriousness of the allergy he used latex free on my daughter but cross contaminated causing her to have a severe reaction,he goes from patient to patient using latex on the others then coming to my daughter wiping his hands with a anticeptic wipe puting on the latex free gloves after being treated by him she developed itchy eyes, throat irritation, gave benadryl had difficulty breathing and mouth started to swell took her directly to ER they treated her with prednisone. allergy symptoms persisted for 3 days needing benadryl. informed the orthodontist of reaction and ER visit he said he never heard of such a latex allergy and my daughter is just overly sensitive. we have since found a latex free orthodontist and transfered care to remove braces and use a invisalign retainer. checked with the manufacture invisalign is latex free.


morris levy: campbell, ca




Kari Kraus: San Antonio, TX


How about no Latex in schools? doesnt my child have a right to public education without Balloons, Latex Gloves, condoms, any many many more?


Lorraine Eivazi: 4 Willow St, NY


was diagnosed in 1998 battle Workers comp in NY for three years and it took 5 year to get SSD I' unable to vacation with my family or go to many affairs including wedding etc. Restaurants have to be cleared that they are latex free as well as hotel chains furniture may contain rubber or latex basically I'm a prisoner in my own home much to chagrin of my husband who is now retired and stuck with a wife who can't go anywhere without extensive research including restaurants airlines hotels etc even my grandchildren have to be without balloons at their parties Mylar ones now availble thankfully have become debilitated with muscle spasm and joint pain Life is not what I expected at this point in my life


morris levy: campbell, ca


I have been allergic to latex rubber, plastic, nylon, and all petroleum based products, itd been hell for the last 3 years. as soon as i touch these products I get immediate reaction,closing of throat,watery burning eyes.when I walk on plastic floorsor on top of asphalt. i get real dizzy and collaps on the floor,my whole body aches in pain all the timeI just can not cope anymore,morris


Jennifer Juenger: Minot, ND


I wasn't always allergic to latex, and in fact never had any symptoms until about 10 years ago. It started with kidney problems. A genetic issue, that caused me to have surgery to correct, alerted my doctor, due to a rash and some swelling experienced from latex tubing used for my IV. Then, onions started bothering me. The smell locks up my breathing and causes coughing and light-headedness. Another year, and it was cucumbers, bananas, melons of all sorts. Just the smell sends me into anaphylaxis. Coughing, shortness of breath, and overwhelming exhaustion would send me to bed for hours. This caused me to have to lose out on work hours. Going to restaurants is like sitting in the middle of a minefield, just praying that no one near me orders anything with onions or cucumbers on it. I special order salads, to make sure there are no melons, onions, or cucumbers put in them.And it's difficult to get anyone to understand that my latex allergy is so severe. I try to liken it to children's peanut allergies. The fact that it could actually kill me just doesn't seem to click with most people until I tell them about my emergency EPI pen, and show them where it is, just in case they have to save my life someday. When you can't make people understand that no, you can't take a pill, or get a shot to cure this, or even control it- it's so frustrating I could scream. The only answer is to stay away from it. Every exposure makes the allergic reactions worse. Even if it's only a tiny change, all the changes eventually add up. And someday, it could actually end my life. I don't want to die because someone wanted to have cucumbers or onions in their salad, or melons or bananas for dessert. I don't want to die because of allergies.


Sandra Patterson: Mobile, AL

My son was born at 25 weeks. He has Spina Bifida, and Type 1 Latex allergy. He's had a very rough start. Please help us make the world a safe place for him to live in.


Ericka Moe: Jacksonville, Florida


I am currently a student in a Occupational Therapy Assistant program, and it was not until 2 months into my program I found out that I had an latex allergy. I found this out the hard way, being in class with 20+ students stretching Thera Band. Thera Band is an elastic stretching band that many facilities such as Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy use which varies in color and strength.It took a little under 10 minutes before my first symptom of sniffling and runny nose occured, followed by an itchy mouth and tongue and itchy and swollen eyes. I was immediately sent home from school with strict orders to go the hospital. Three months later I had another run in with latex on campus, this time with a large balloon. Once again, all the symptoms from last time occured with an additonal symptom of being really hot and sweaty. Being that I will be going into the healthcare field, I thought that my only worry was latex gloves, and it was a bit comforting to know that there were many facilities here in Florida that uses Vinyl gloves and not latex. However, many facilities took one step of prevention and not the other being that Thera Band with latex is still being used. I was diagnosed with Type IV hypersensitivitym but from what I have experienced, it is just airborne. I dont have many issues with rubber toys or tires or rubberbands or even elastic waistebands, its mainly the powder. What concerns me furthur is that Thera Band (like many other latex roducts) can be ordered latex free, and it will do the same function. Just to make it through a day, I am just now finding an allergy medicine that "helps" and I take it everyday, an antihistamine nasal spray, another type of nasal spray, an inhaler, and I have a wear a medical alert bracelet, and I carry my epipen.


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