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The best way for the world to understand the severity of a Latex allergy is for everyone to hear what those suffering from the allergy go through. Read the stories below written by people who suffer from allergic reactions to Latex and comments by those who advocate change.


Currently, 177 people have submitted stories or comments.


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Rhonda DeSalles: Yuba City, CA


I have had a latex allergy for years but have just recently been diagnosed. It is amazing how uneducated people are. I am going to an allergenic and I have found that even he does not take this serious. I am very concerned and am concerned for other people that do not have a clue that they could have this latex allergy as well. I was diagnosed with asthma but I am finding out that this is caused by latex, not grasses or trees. I get tightness in my chest, have a hard time breathing, cough and have a raspy voice. Sometimes I cannot figure out what causes a reaction, this is what concerns me the most. My allergenic uses the rubber stoppers from multi-dose vials and told me today that this is minimal contact so it shouldn't matter, I will be finding a new allergenic and encourage anyone else that doctors do not take you serious, find someone else.


Steve Heitz: Lebanon, PA

Report it to the media. Start a media campaign. Most local newspapers have a police fire ambulance log. Stop & shop robbed, crash at 4th & main, Edna Mae in the nursing home fell & fractured a hip, etc. Any time you have an adverse reaction to LATEX, report it to your local newspaper or other media to include in their local news column. Jane Doe treated in emergency room after a severe reaction to LATEX after eating at Grease Burger where the food was prepared by employees wearing LATEX gloves. Joe blow admitted to the hospital after a severe reaction to LATEX after LATEX balloons were brought into his workplace. Joe Smith treated in the emergency room after a severe reaction to LATEX after his dental hygienist touched him while wearing LATEX gloves. Breast cancer has attracted national attention to its cause through massive media exposure. (Feel your boobies). Do the same for your LATEX allergy. Let the world know how serious it is. Maybe then restaurants, hospitals, retail establishments will catch on and ban LATEX products, especially if they receive negative media attention. (Newspaper article noting you were hospitalized for a severe reaction after eating in their restaurant). Write to your legislators. Let them know this is as serious health issue affecting more and more people every day, and urge them to support legislation to ban LATEX in restaurants, etc. Laws are in place making public places smoke free for the public good. Ask for the same consideration that these places be LATEX free for the public good. My wife has latex allergy, I do not.


Kalia Folmar: fairhope, alabama


I worked in the food industry for ten years, I knew I was at risk for this allergy because my mother is allergic to latex. What I did not realize was that I could develop a more serious allergy than she has. After 4 days of a new job in a hospital dining room the allergy developed quickly,the first day it was itching, the next day it was a rash, the day after my throat closed within 10 minutes of being touched by a fellow worker wearing latex gloves. I now no longer cook, something I had enjoyed beyond compare out of fear. I work in an office supply store at the copy center and today am suffering because of a stack of binding that was brought in wrapped in 40 3/4" rubberbands. I am starting to be afraid to leave my house.



I was in a class being taught by Veroinica and saw effects first hand of a true Latex allergy sufferer. Many people do not realize how she or anyone else with this allergy have to change and adapt their lifestyle. Basically to leave the house where you know you are safe it a challenge. She does have alot to teach people and this movement to take latex out of products should be made.


Michelle Parish: Sagamore Hills, Ohio


I have been in the dental field for 21 years, since I was 16 years old. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with a Type 1 Hypersensitivity to latex. Although I was an assistant for many years, I was at that time working the front office as a financial manager. When I was diagnosed, it explained a lot of health issues I was having: extreme sinus headaches, burning and itching eyes, increased usage of my rescue inhaler, and dry skin patches, rashes, and hives. I was extremely frustrated when the back office staff would come up front with latex gloves on, handing me charts and x-rays with their powdered hands, and using things on my desk. In 2009, I became pregnant and my latex allergy even became more of a danger. When I was 6 months pregnant, I was given a choice by my allergist: quit or tell the dentist to go latex-free. She sent me off with a note personally for him. When I gave him the note, he never sat down with the staff and refused to go latex-free. Two hours later, I was handed an x-ray with powder on it. This is difficult for me because this was my career. I have started a dental consulting company, and I cannot be in an office for longer than a few hours and I have a reaction, which is getting worse. Dentists need to understand the severity of this and be better educated about this allergy! All latex should be banned!


Susi Mollica: Medina, Ohio


This website was the first information I found after being diagnosed with airborne latex allergy. Thank you!!! Being a cancer survivor, I've been conditioned to be a warrior. Honestly I was unprepared for the fight this airborne latex allergy has brought to my life. In the last several months I have needed EPI pens 25-30 times. So believe me, I know the seriousness of this allergy. I am driven to make it a safer place NOW and in the future. Frustrated, but driven. A couple of things we have found to be helpful: Get informed. This website is a great place to start. Wear a medical bracelet. It truly saved my life. I promised my husband and family I would never take it off. Make your home a safe haven. Go through it room by room,(or have someone do it for you) carefully. Look for anything that could possibly be a problem. Rubber backed bath mats, shower curtains, rubber handles...etc..Read labels. Be firm with friends & family...as my husband says, 'stop apologizing for being an inconvenience. This is life or death!' When people visit our home, we lovingly remind them to be 'naked with clothes on' and 'please leave their shoes outside the door.' In venturing out, I wear an N95 NIOSH respiratory mask to filter irritants & unknowns. I love to touch people & things, until I break that habit I wear little cotton gloves to assure safety.(One EPI experience happened when I shook hands with someone at church. Later in trying to figure out what happened, we realized he had just taken off rubber gloves) I may look funny but being alive is beautiful enough for me!!!Talk, Talk, Talk. The more we talk to each other, our families, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, business' & corporations...on & on..the more we talk it will spill in to their minds. Lastly, DO NOT GIVE IN OR UP!!!! Please feel free to contact me anytime!! Susi, Medina OH 330-347-7770 email:susimollica@ymail.com


Staci Eigsti: Shelbyville, IL

Latex allergies need to be taken seriously. Lives are at stake. After hearing Veronica's story firsthand and witnessing the difficulty she must go through everyday just to eat is heartwrenching. I hope and pray that the government will get involved and make sure that people with allergies ( and those of us who will eventually end up with the allergy ) are safe. Thank God for Veronica and Ryan and their quest to make the United States safer for those who deal with this terrible allergy.


Michelle Parish: Sagamore Hills, Ohio


I worked for years in the dental industry as both an assistant and administrative positions. I was diagnosed in 2008 with my latex allergy. I still continued to work in a pediatric dental office using caution, the dentist refused to go latex free. When I became pregnant in 2009, my allergy became more severe and even though I had a note from my allergist, he still refused to stop using latex forcing me to leave my job earlier than I had planned. I have since left working in an office and I am a dental management trainer at a local college. I still miss working in an office, and I think that latex allergies need to be taken more seriously.


Marion Daney: Chesterfield Twp., Michigan


Hi my name Marion R. Daney, I have developed Latex Allergy while working as a Pharmacy Technicain in a Hospital. I am Disabled since 2000. I had a Servere Reaction while working I broke out in Hives all over my back, chest, shoulders- ended up in ER. I was started getting researching Latex Allergy, because It seems at that time no one gave me answers. I was led to write my story and put all the information on latex allergy into a book."Latex Is Not My Friend" Authorhouse.com-Amazon-Lstex Allergy-E-book Kindle $2.95-book $5.00 and up. This book has alot of information that can help people understand how Latex Allergy reactions happen. Topics:What is Latex? Who is at Risk? This book 8 year project, infor from all over the World. I am not sure if I get reactions from restaurants, I eat at home most of the times. I am very concerned about this topic. You Tube: Latex Allergy Marion R. Daney


Melanie Smith Gyves: Dublin, Ireland


I have had problems with Latex since 1998, 1st sexual relationship!, knee surgery & work experience where I wore Latex gloves, one summer was all it took. When I was living in Cork it wasn't so difficult, as the medics seem more aware. I'm now very sensitive and carry an epipen, (A box of latex gloves or a balloon in the same room makes my face burn, then I start wheezing...), but alot of doctors particularly associated with the maternity hospitals are of the opinion that if it's not touching you then what's your problem... I find that saying that the allergy is documented isn't enough, and have had doctors and nurses try using latex gloves in spite of my history. At this stage I have been unable to find a latex free GP.


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